Heinz Two Fruits in Juice

Heinz Pick of the Crop® Two Fruits in Juice consist of delectably diced peaches and pears with a perfect sweetness and balance of flavours. Packed in shelf stable A10 cans, theyre a versatile time-saving solution - ideal for the breakfast buffet, desserts and in fruit flans, crumbles and pastries.


Each 3kg can contains 30 x 100g serves of fruit and juice, with approximately 60% fruit or 1.8kg drained weight.


  • Heinz Pick of the Crop® quality fruit packed in juice
  • Delicious taste, appealing firmness and attractive colouration
  • No added flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Shelf stable A10 can
  • Versatile time-saving solution



  • Product code: 11278
  • Units Per Ctn: 3
  • Unit Weight: 3kg
  • Shelf Life From Manufacturer: 1095 days