Golden Circle Beetroot Crinkle Cut

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 Golden Circle Beetroot Crinkle Cut
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Golden Circle Beetroot Crinkle Cut

Immediately recognisable for its distinctive crinkle cut, delicious spice notes and rich purple colour, Golden Circle® Crinkle Cut Beetroot is grown in the pristine environment of Hawke’s Bay, where we oversee all aspects of the supply chain from farming to canning. Its unique shape adds a personalised touch to any dish, and provides added hold and visual appeal when used in burgers and sandwiches.
  • Iconic brand
  • Unique delicious flavour profile to suit Australian palates
  • Selected and prepared to alleviate the need for added colours
  • Versatile and convenient – serve hot or cold, use all year round
  • Naturally low in fat
  • Convenient and shelf stable
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Product code: 0426

Units Per Ctn: 3

Unit Weight: A10/3kg

Shelf Life From Manufacturer: 1094 days

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