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 HP™ Sauce 390mL
 HP™ Sauce 390mL
 HP™ Sauce 390mL

HP™ Sauce 390mL

HP™ Sauce 390mL

Crafted with the best ingredients and a closely guarded recipe, HP™ Sauce brings a uniquely delicious flavour to your favourite dishes. Best of all, it goes well on almost anything. Stir it into soups and stews, add a dash to a scrumptious beef casserole or give your sausages and sandwiches a good drizzle for extra flavour.
Product Features :
  • Imported product - the original and authentic HP Sauce with classic flavour profile
  • 390mL ‘top down’ bottle designed for ease of dispensing sits on the table showcasing your use of this iconic branded product
  • Ideal for venues/outlets serving sit-down/plated meals and snacks
  • Eliminates need to refill from bulk - saves on labour and improves hygiene
  • The original brown sauce
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Product Details
Nutrition Information

Product code: 11640

Unit Weight: 390mL

Unit Per Ctn: 12

Shelf Life From Manufacture: 545 days