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Heinz American Mustard 220mL image

Heinz American Mustard 220mL

Made with mustard seeds and a secret blend of spices and vinegar, Heinz® American Mustard provides the perfect balance of flavour and tang, making it an ideal tabletop choice for steakhouses, restaurants, cafés, bistros and buffets alike. Conveniently packed in a “never empty” coloured PET plastic bottle in which the contents are not visible, making it easy to keep your table presentation neat and clean.
Heinz Onion Relish 1kg image

Heinz Onion Relish 1kg

Featuring generous chunks of caramelised onions, the tangy taste of mustard seeds and the refreshing richness of balsamic vinegar balanced with delicate herb and spice notes, the distinctive taste of Heinz® Onion Relish makes it an ideal complement to burgers and meat dishes, and a time-saving solution to impart extra flavour to sauces or gravies. 

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