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Cottee's Banana Topping 3L image

Cottee's Banana Topping 3L

With its sweet taste and appealing colour, Cottee’s® Banana Topping boasts the classic flavour profile that has made it a firm favourite in milkshakes and as a dessert topping drizzled over ice cream or sundaes

Cottee's Caramel Topping 3L image

Cottee's Caramel Topping 3L

The sweet caramel flavour with toffee notes makes Cottee’s® Caramel Topping the perfect pairing with ice cream. Whether drizzled over desserts to add flavour and colour, or used as a milkshake syrup, your customers will love the classic Cottee’s® taste. 

Cottee's Chocolate Topping 3L image

Cottee's Chocolate Topping 3L

The classic sweet taste and thick consistency of Cottee’s® Chocolate Topping makes it ideal for use in milkshakes and sundaes, and atop ice cream and waffles

Cottee's Maple Flavoured Syrup 3L image

Cottee's Maple Flavoured Syrup 3L

It’s the natural maple flavour and appealing aroma of Cottee’s® Maple Flavoured Syrup that makes it the perfect choice to drizzle over pancakes or waffles, add extra appeal to desserts and enhance flavours in baking.
Cottee's Strawberry Topping 3L image

Cottee's Strawberry Topping 3L

With its distinctive strawberry aroma, Cottee’s® Strawberry Topping smells almost as good as it tastes. Ideal as a coulis for cheesecake, drizzled over desserts, as an iceceam or sundae accompaniment, and as a classic milkshake flavour.

Cottee's Topping Pumps Fits 3L image

Cottee's Topping Pumps Fits 3L

Designed to fit Cottee’s® 3L topping bottles, these hand-operated pumps are made from high quality durable plastic and deliver a portion controlled serve of topping with their fast,  mess-free dispensing.

Cottee's Vanilla Topping 3L image

Cottee's Vanilla Topping 3L

With the sweet flavour and floral notes of vanilla flavour, Cottee’s® Vanilla Topping is the perfect choice to add flavour to biscuits and cakes. It’s equally ideal as an ice cream and sundae topping, and its classic flavour profile makes a vanilla milkshake that your customers are sure to love. 

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