Heinz Tomato Paste (24/26 Brix)

Boasting a heartily strong flavour concentration of 24-26deg Brix, Heinz® Tomato Paste is made from quality tomatoes, ensuring its the perfect choice to enrich soups, sauces, pastas and whenever you need a rich tomato flavour boost in your cooking.


  • Contains 100% quality tomatoes
  • No preservatives, added colours or flavours
  • Strong and hearty flavour concentration - 24-26deg Brix
  • Ideal enriching recipe ingredient
  • Conveniently packaged in cost-effective 3.15kg can for professional use
  • Shelf-stable - store unrefrigerated until opened



  • Product code: 00762
  • Units Per Ctn: 3
  • Unit Weight: 3.15kg
  • Shelf Life From Manufacturer: 790 days