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Salt Roasted Snapper

Salt Roasted Snapper

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Makes 6
1 kg Whole snapper
1 Small shaved fennel
1 punnet Chervil or 1/3 bunch dill
20 ml Dill oil
4 Egg whites
300 g Water
100 ml Sauvignon Blanc
1 French Shallot
1/2 clove Garlic
1 sprig Thyme
170 g Diced butter
30 g Crème fraise or cream


Avg. Quantity per serve Avg. Quantity per 100g
Salt Roasted Snapper
Made with
Mix all salt crust ingredients ( SAXA table salt, egg whites and water) well to a firm moist slurry.
Clean the fish and pat dry the inside for blood and guts, fill carcasses with chopped fennel trimmings, layer a 1cm layer of salt crust under the fish, place the fish on top, cover it with crust leaving the head exposed.
Place in 200 degree oven immediately after coating (if left on the fish and not cooked right away it will cure the fish and make it too salty) cook for 30 min, probe till it reaches 40 degrees.
Take fish out of the oven and let it rest for about 5-8 min until it reached 55 degrees internal temperature.
Using gloves carefully remove the crust and gently take the meat of the fish making sure not to get any salt onto the meat.
Portion the fish into 150g portions keeping the meat as intact as possible, place the meat on a clean tray and cover tightly with 2 layers of film, to reheat give them place them back into the warm oven for about 10min.
Reduce wine with thyme, garlic and eschalot to around 50ml, add diced butter and crème fraise while blitzing with a hand blender to emulsify. Before serving heat without boiling and re blitz the sauce so its light and aerated.
Take the warm fish out of the oven (remember that it's not meant to be hot only about 45 degrees otherwise it overcooks and cooks the moisture out of the meat). Place fish on a hot serving plate with shaved raw fennel on top, drizzle a bit of dill oil on the plate and poor over the butter sauce at the table.
What do I need?
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Whole snapper
shaved fennel
Chervil or dill
Dill oil
Saxa® Cooking Salt
Egg whites
Sauvignon Blanc
French Shallot
Diced butter
Crème fraise or cream
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